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The Best Low Pressure Car Washing Flat Fan Spray Nozzle

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The best Low Pressure car washing Flat Fan Spray Nozzle From China

The CC series flat fan nozzle can provide a high impact solid stream or flat fan spraying with the spray angle from 0-110 degree.

This nozzle features a uniform spraying distribution and the droplets are from small to medium. When a superimposed spraying effect that made by multiple nozzles is a requirement, the special gradual smaller spraying gets uniformly covered.

CC and CC-L series flat fan nozzle is mainly made as male thread and the flow rate is less than 3.9L/M under the pressure of 3 bar.

CC-L series nozzle is usually comes together with filter inside (but no filter for female thread type).

CC-N and CC-M series flat fan nozzle is also made as made thread, the flow rate is at least 3.9L/M under the pressure of 3 bar. 



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