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Anti dripping Chemical Spraying Hollow Cone Micro Misting Nozzles for Sprayers

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Anti dripping Chemical Spraying Hollow cone micro misting nozzles for sprayers

This fog mist spray nozzle saves 10 times or above cost than that of moistening by air at low

price,light weight,good quality.

Anti dripping metal fog mist spray nozzle consists of brass body with internal stainless steel core and

stainless steel guide vane (with a leak-proof device).The liquid flows at high velocity under the water

pressure of 70kg to 120 kg forming centrifugal swirl and spraying very fine hollow droplet.Widely used

in workshop moistening ,salt spray test,man-made fog and other moistening locations

Flow: 0.5 GPH to 6.0 GPH Max up to 30GPH 

Pressure: 40 Psi to 1000 Psi (higher pressure on request) 

Orifice: 0.2mm(0.008") to 0.5mm(0.020") 

Spray Characteristics: Droplets size less than 9 to 50 micron. 

Features: Hand tight, no tape of sealant required. 

Uses:Agriculture, Animals, Industrial, Outdoor Recreation and many more. Like Horticulture, Animals

Livestock, Poultry, Dairy, GreenHouses, Outdoor Recreation, Hotel Restaurants, Amusement Parks,

Construction, Ginning.


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