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How To Choose The Fire Fighting Nozzle
Nov 29, 2017

When a fire occurs, water splashed through the fire fighting nozzle extinguishes the flame to control the spread of the fire,The type of fire fighting nozzle is pendant nozzles, upright   nozzles,ordinary nozzles, sidewall nozzles, etc. 

1. Pendant nozzles

Pendant nozzles are the most widely used kind of nozzle, droop mounted on the water   supply branch pipe, watering the shape of a parabolic type, the total amount of water spray   80 ~ 100% to the ground.Protection have ceiling of the room, arranged beneath the  ceiling  nozzles should be used sagging ceiling nozzles.

2. Upright nozzles

Upright nozzles installed on the water supply branch pipe, nozzle paraboloid shape type.   The downward spray 80 to 100% of the total water, At the same time a part of upright   upright nozzle sprayed the ceiling. So it suitable for installation on the roof of a moving   object which more crash-prone places such as warehouses and the roof,it can also be   installed in the room ceiling dissection which is  more combustible ceiling  imposed to   protect the top of boron.

3.Ordinary nozzles

Ordinary type nozzles can be installed directly, but also hanging in the water pipe line   installation. It  40% -60% of the total amount of water sprayed down, playing in a larger   portion of the ceiling. Applies to restaurants, shops, warehouses, underground garage and   other places. (Less common type used)

4.Sidewall nozzle

Sidewall nozzle install  on wall, suitable for space piping installation difficult places, mainly   for light office, hall, lounge, hallway.Roof light risk level for horizontal dangerous and I  grade room and office can be sidewall nozzle can be sidewall nozzles.

5.Concealed nozzle

Concealed nozzle use for high-end hotels, residential, theaters and other neat effects  need  to ensure smooth ceilings place. Concealed nozzle lid is welded to the fusible metal  thread  and its melting point is 57 degrees. Therefore, when happen a fire, the  temperature rise   and the cover off at first, and then the temperature rose to 68 degrees  (generally nozzle),  glass burst, water spray. Therefore  the most taboo concealed of spray  nozzle  is stained  paint and paint on the lid. Because that will cause malfunction.

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