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Maintenance And Maintenance Of Helical Nozzles
Aug 17, 2017

1, congestion, in the desulfurization and dust removal system, desulfurization nozzle spraying liquid mostly circulating liquid, plug is very common.

2, corrosion, surface acid-base liquid high velocity through the spiral nozzle and the diversion section, it will cause corrosion of the nozzle and the diversion section, resulting in reduced nozzle pressure, spray angle decreases, the spraying effect becomes irregular.

3, a lot of wear, the system is using the lime slurry desulfurization process in the spraying process, a large number of solid particles by high speed flow through the orifice nozzle drive leads to severe wear, and lead to the increase of spraying quantity, reduce the system pressure.

Daily system check

According to the rated flow of power operation of the design, the system pressure will decrease with the expansion of the diameter of nozzle wear, even if the actual flow nozzle exceeds its design 20% our naked eye is difficult for identification of nozzle wear, distribution, increases the flow problem, we can check regularly to identify system pressure.