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What Are The Characteristics Of Spiral Nozzles?
Aug 17, 2017

In some industries, it is necessary to use our nozzles for auxiliary production or to rely on such tools for better cleaning. And we also know that there are many kinds of nozzles that can be used in the industrial process, but for some industries, they must be used in our screw nozzles. So there's a lot of people out there who have some doubts about that. Why do we have to use this nozzle?

First of all we want to know, a product can be accepted by the market, and can be further applied to, not only to the above performance better, but also has its own characteristics or advantages, so that it can than other products with greater competitiveness.

And for our screw nozzle, what features will it be? First of all, the first point is that its application is different from the conventional one. The reason is mainly because of his most used in conventional internal to the installation has a garrulous blade, and it is because of this blade existence, can make us have a conical spray nozzle.

Another feature of its use process is that it does not clog easily, and this is mainly because our model nozzles do not have an internal structure. Well, the large amount of impurities produced in the wastewater will certainly not affect the use of our nozzles, so there is no need to worry that it will clog up.

Secondly, the use of it, we can get multiple spray, and this is mainly because the nozzle that we use in the process, the structure can have a multilayer interface, so the use of the process, it can play a multi-layer spraying effect, which in the production process is also very important an application.