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Industrial Washing SS Wide Angle Square Full Cone Spray Nozzle

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Industrial Washing SS Wide angle square full cone spray nozzle
1. Materials: brass, 303SS, 304SS, 316SS,PP
2. Nozzle Structure: two-piece construction internal vane parts
3. Spray Patterns: full cone spray
4. Spray angles: 50 ~ 120 degree for optional
5. Pressure Range: 0.2 to 10 bar (0.44 to 2300 L/min)
6. Inlet connection Type: 1/8, 1/4, 3/8, 1/2, 3/4  up to 2 inch .


cooling of primary metals and other materials.
Creating and dispersing frops in chemical reaction processing.
Deluging combustible materials and storage tanks for fire suppression.
Dust control in the processing of bulk ores, coal, limestone,sand gravel.
Foam break-up,aeration,deaeration.
Gas scrubbing,washing, cooling,
Washing rinsing


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